Farming has undergone somewhat of a rennaisance in the last few years.

A backlash from the supermarket culture, people wanting to know more about how there food is produced, cutting down on food miles. All valid reasons for us to think about supplying our product, direct to our customer,

Our animals live their lives overlooking the sea at Wembury point,  lush grass, supplementry feed grown and milled on the farm, and treated well.

The final product is one that tastes good and has the added bonus of not having a huge environmental impact either. It has not travelled around the world to the supermarket shelf. It has not been grown in one area of the UK only to be moved by lorry up and down the country, to be put on a supermarket shelf 2 miles from where it was grown.

Local Food.......Is Miles Better, and our aim is to prove it to you! 

What We Sell....Is What We Produce!

We are supporting the Chicken Out ! Campaign

Free-Range is the only way to go